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Some youth perform shoe tossing simply because they have witnessed others do it. For others, it is a symbol of a prime drug-dealing location, gang representation or death. When shoes are hanging from telephone wires in an intersection, it is sometimes a sign that gang . Dangling shoes can also be the symbol of gang members claiming territory, especially when the shoes are hanging from power lines or telephone wires in an intersection. In fact, the city of Los Angeles underwent a massive shoe removal process in when residents expressed their concern that the shoes indicated “sites at which drugs are sold. A pair of shoes, laces tied together and hurled over telephone lines or power lines is a common enough sight around the country. But what is the meaning of this seemingly pointless act? Possibly the most common folkloric explanation offered is that they are thrown over to indicate the territory of drug gang/5(15).

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. In the Southwest exists a similar practice, that of placing old, worn boots upside down on fence posts by the side of a road, gang shoes telephone wire. Driving along, one passes upturned boot after upturned boot. Members of the military have pointed to the practice of pitching an old pair of army boots over the wires when leaving a post as a gang shoes telephone wire origin for sneaker slinging. According to some, army boot pitching is a ritual performed upon completing basic training, according to others, the boots are tossed when a soldier leaves one post for another, and a final school of thought holds that boot pitching is properly done only when the service itself is being left.

The boots are often painted yellow or orange prior to being festooned over a wire. Perhaps the answer lies within each of us, shoe-slinger and non-shoe-slinger alike. We are a determinedly decorative society. At Christmas and Halloween, on Easter and the 4th of July, many of us feel compelled to doll up houses, windows, and lawns with all manner of objects and lights.

Some call this folk art. Others will tell you it has to do with the human need for self-expression. Slinging shoes over a power line could be no more than us letting that side of ourselves run riot. Then again, the whole thing could be merely an invented tradition, with people doing it because they see others doing it. We investigate as thoroughly and quickly as possible and relay what we learn. Then another question arrives, gang shoes telephone wire, gang shoes telephone wire the race starts again.

We do this work every day at no cost to you, but it is far from free to produce, and we cannot afford to slow down, gang shoes telephone wire.

To ensure Snopes endures — and grows to serve more readers — we need a different kind of tip: We need your financial support. Is it raining in the Amazon? Is the rainforest on fire? Sometimes viral photographs don't tell an accurate gang shoes telephone wire. What did make a difference was a flood of Border Patrol agents, who began Operation Hold the Line in A local news report and viral Facebook post omitted gang shoes telephone wire information about a plan to "pull paychecks" from disabled workers at the Land of Lincoln Goodwill, gang shoes telephone wire.

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Claim Old running shoes hanging from trees and power lines are 'gang signs. Rating Legend About this rating. Do you rely on Snopes reporting? Click here to support it. Who put the shoes there and why? The list of explanations goes on. Bullies take them off defenseless kids, then sling them up out of reach as the ultimate taunt.

Gang members create an informal memorial at the spot where a friend lost his life. Crack dealers festoon wires to advertise their presence in the neighborhood. The shoes increase wire visibility for low-flying aircraft, gang shoes telephone wire. Overly puffed-up boys who have just lost their virginity or otherwise passed a sexual milestone look to signal the event to others. Graduating seniors mark this transition in their lives by leaving something of themselves behind; namely, their shoes.

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gang shoes telephone wire


Some youth perform shoe tossing simply because they have witnessed others do it. For others, it is a symbol of a prime drug-dealing location, gang representation or death. When shoes are hanging from telephone wires in an intersection, it is sometimes a sign that gang . Places where you see shoes that are thrown on a telephone wire indicate drug houses or places where you can purchase drugs. The laces of the shoes are tied together, then lobbed up to the wire(s) so that the shoes hang and dangle. Supposedly signals a location where drugs can be purchased;. It is popularly believed that sneakers hanging from utility wires are there to designate "gang territory," or a location where one can buy street drugs, but neither of those explanations would seem to apply to the hefty percentage of shoes one sees dangling over low-crime neighborhoods and quiet streets in rural towns where there's little or no gang or drug activity to be found.